AI + Drone Swarm = Unicorns

The following article was posted in my gofundme submission (ironic but serious if money showed up). Anyway, if you don’t believe in Bigfoot, substitute the words “Lost Child” in the idea submission below which is transcribed for historical reference.

A modest proposal to get proof of Sasquatch.

I want to create an autonomous drone swarm that will search a geographic grid consistently and randomly, equipped with heat vision. 

Drone charging stations would be stationed throughout the grid to recharge and fix drones and robotic ground swarm on the ground.

AI will sort through imagery to identify heat signatures consistent with Bigfoot sized animal. Successful learning patterns will be slowly incorporated as the dataset grows in many dimensions sorted geographically and through time. Sectors that show no activity over time will have resources shifted to active areas. 
The swarm will evolve behavior and resource allocation,  Eventually zeroing in on an active Bigfoot habitat and territorial boundaries (if any exist).

The idea is to establish a predictable routine that will allow the safe capture of a ‘Squatch’ either by a ‘incapacitating drone’ (nonlethal) or an elite team of special ops troops to capture a specimen for safe scientific validation, physiological and dna profile, and any preliminary language studies if evident. These special ops troops will augment a security unit to protect against any ‘beaurocratic institutions’ from stopping our science.

Said bigfoot will be returned to the wild safely, maybe tagged passively, but scientifically established and verified within its proper context among hominids. The goal is to put to rest the debate with overwhelming data precision.

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